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Slot machine test: wild games

Behind such a title such as game games can hide many games, but in this case there is an Olympics. However, not people are the main characters, but animals that also go with high fitness in the competition. You get to do it with many sports and also funny symbols, but also includes bonus features come in "game games" not too short. For example, the ' freestyle swim bonus' or the ' balance beam bonus'. Make sure the three athletes - a dog, a Cheetah and a hippopotamus, who all have their strengths. This animal fun was created by Playtech, which of course committed to quality. And there's to report only good. The online slot machine know to convince of the design until to the chances of winning. Luck and of course a good endurance can lead you here for the gold medal.

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Wild games play online

Before it goes to the disciplines, where really nice bonus features on you wait, it goes to the warm up. But also there's already profits which can be be seen. For anything but on your credit account to do himself, winning lines need to be made once. Virtually the Supreme discipline of slot machines. Such a series consists of only one icon that appears next to each other multiple. Some symbols can make rows of three to five fields, others start at two fields side by side.

Decisive for winning is that the series left start and run along the line of a profit. The numbers you will see left and right there are total 25 such lines. Your chances are also right, however you can exhibit also winning lines. In this respect, that makes sense, because you pay your bet per line and can reduce your total stake. On the height of your potential profits that has also "wild games" no influence, but your line usage and happiness about the symbols. Long rows of valuable icons bring appropriately higher multipliers to.

The slot game symbols in the wild games online slot

The known letters J, Q, K, A, as well as the numbers 9 and 10 form the basic arsenal of symbols in "wild games". They are quite common, but then more profit with the warm-up period to compare. Football and basketball are much more valuable, especially with regard to the series of five symbols. And then there are still the three athletes in the slot machines, which all have the same values, but can still cause different bonus features.

The ' game games "logo is equally valuable as also wild cards of the game. This series can be completed. There the three medal types, with which the ' win A medal bonus' can be called in the life. According to medal there from three symbols extra gains.

If the floating dog covers the entire third roller, which is ' freestyle swim bonus' started. Here you decide on a float and who should win the race, there are also more profits for you. The same also happens in the races with the cheetahs, as long as it covers the entire third roller. With the Hippo, you must decide you Lady for a balance beam routine. Your reward depends on scoring.

Slot machines instructions by wild games

In various Online Casinos you can a game "game games" try and have it not even particularly sporty. At the beginning of each round, you can adjust not only your work, but also the number of pay lines that you choose and your opportunities. Has an auto-start mode "wild games" not, however is it anyway that you or others to do that as soon as the athletes bring their Bonusfeatues in the game. Under "Info" you will find explained all icons and features, also the multipliers are here exactly for each winning line by "wild games" list.

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